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Green Earth - Plantation Drive

Green Earth Flyer

Surprise! Climate change is real.

The increase in temperatures, the increase in natural calamities – Cyclones, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, the shift in Seasons (more heat, more rains at places, less rains somewhere, blurring distinctions between Autumn, Dew, Winter, Spring), the increased pandemics & diseases, the change in Earth’s spin, the rapid Extinctions, the shifting Sea levels, the melting Ice caps.
You name it, it seems to be already unfolding in front of our eyes. It is no longer in Scientists’ research models or Seers’ predictions.

How do we avoid the doomsday you ask? By being conscious of our actions. By doing our small bit whenever & wherever possible.

  • By reducing our carbon foot print.
  • By using sustainable ways.
  • By preserving and facilitating Nature – Trees, Soil, Rivers, Wildlife!

Green Earth - 2022

Green Earth - 2022​

This August, we thought of celebrating our Independence Day/ Month by making our Earth a bit greener. Planting trees on the ground and in minds of people around us!
Plantations were done at multiple places within India & the US –

  • Pipili, Odisha (Kshetrapali Govt Primary School, Dandamukundapur)
  • Bhubaneswar, Odisha (Farm at Balipatana)
  • Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (Govt land near vadavalli)
  • Hindalpur, UP (Hindalpur Village Community areas)
  • Burla, Odisha (Hostel Complex)
  • Khordha, Odisha (Mukundaprasad)
  • Alpharetta, Georgia (Private gardens)

Fun & Learn

Fun & Learn Activities were also arranged along with a treat for the students of the Government Primary School, Kshetrapali. The enthusiasm was infectious and the interaction & energy boosted and lifted our spirits in turn 🙂

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