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For members in India, we have kept a basic donation amount.
One time donation = ₹2000/- Only +
Per day = ₹10/- Value of a cup of tea. (Paid once in 6 months or yearly… 365 days x ₹10 for the entire year)
This is just to foster a mindset of helping out.

Since this is entirely a “voluntary” organisation.
You are free to spend time as per your availability (or not) 🙂
If you find any of the activities interesting & you have the bandwidth, you can take it up. It is absolutely your wish.

You are absolutely free to increase you level of participation as per your wish!
We would love to see more of you!

Any donation is absolutely “voluntary“. Be it time or money or efforts.
If you think you cannot afford the basic minimum donation, please let us know.
You can support us & the intended audience just by being there & sending positivity & good thoughts!

You can let us know if you want to donate for a specific cause.
Else, we will map your donation to the activities done for the kids and senior citizens.
You will always be informed about the exact details of the expenditure.

With the present pandemic, one thing we have become good at is “Work from Anywhere”!
So, you could contribute from anywhere.

  • Be it your ideas,
  • Be it planning events,
  • Be it helping out with the kids or senior citizens in an online mode!

If you want to be involved & do something good in your local area, we can plan & arrange for that as well.

Yes, sure.
As discussed, your level of involvement will always be “as per your own wish“.
And we will always be updating you with the work being done as part of your support.

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